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What it means to be a member

VillagesOKC members receive a variety of benefits to help them actively age at home. Explore our membership benefits to learn more about our senior living services and amenities:



• We are connected by one number to call for any service we need.

• Villages help build a pool of services, both volunteer and available paid vendors. Together we develop trusted resources for most activities that may become hard for Villagers to perform.


Life-long Learning

We believe the more we know, the better we age.

• We plan regular seminars and workshops for our village members – for example, technology assistance for phone/computer/tablet/TV; information on Medicare supplements; Oklahoma gardening, and more. 

• VillagesOKC has initiated a Brain Health Movement - seminars led by Brain Health experts - such as, "This is Your Brain on Music," "This is Your Brain on Chocolate," and "Take your Brain Back to School." 


Watching Out for One Another

• We foster friendship and guard against loneliness. We know and trust one another, and share a common purpose to age gracefully.

• We have regular meet-ups – Village coffee hour; a monthly potluck; trips to the museum or theatre; among other informal activities. Some even participate in a health-check buddy system where needed.


Calling the Shots

• We are self-governed by a member board, with regular Village business meetings where members vote for services and programs.

• We endorse planning for aging and end-of-life.


Who We Are

• We are an Oklahoma not-for-profit corporation with tax exempt status pending, established by a group of volunteer neighbors, with a vision of cooperative Villages across the Oklahoma City metro area.