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Volunteers are needed! 

Volunteers are a vital part of the VillagesOKC because, without volunteers, VillagesOKC would not survive. 

As volunteers, we are VillagesOKC—building and sustaining the network of neighbors helping neighbors to create a safe, caring community. Volunteers are the key to the success of VillagesOKC. We make it possible to provide the services, resources, and community activities that allow our Village to offer a safety net and the peace of mind that make a positive difference in the lives of our members.

Volunteers support members in their quest to stay healthy and socially active.

Volunteering provides a great opportunity to:

·        Connect with others and be a valuable part of our community.

·        Hear wonderful stories from Village members.

·        Put your talents, skills, and capacities to good use.

·        Be physically, mentally, and socially active.

·        Help create and sustain a Village that benefits others and someday can benefit you.

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