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If my spouse and I both want to attend do we pay for 2 workshops?

In this situation we recommend that you pay for one binder and either add pages on your own if your information is different, or add an extra $25 for a copy of the contents.

Is there an online version of the binder?

After completing the 4 sessions, come by the VillagesOKC office and get your fillable PDF GIFT document on a USB drive. You can save your information digitally for your own use. Its so easy to reprint pages to update your binder!

What if I cannot commit to 4 sessions? Is there anything shorter?

There is an ‘express’ version available that is one session covering all the topics. However, most participants find the greatest benefit in the 4 week sessions. In 4 weeks there is more time to cover topics, address specific questions and have the benefit of group accountability. Both classes offer professional guests who can answer questions, but in the express session there is limited time. We strongly suggest you choose the 4 week workshop, but if your time is limited you may find value in the single session for $99.